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Hazard analysis

Companies that take part as exhibitors of an exhibition, are responsible due to the existing legal regulations that no danger emerges from their stand as well as from their demonstrations. Detailed information can also be found in the Technical Regulations. We also ask you to pay attention to the points below. You must ensure that any risks are reduced to a minimum and that you meet the legal requirements when inspected by the trade supervisory board or in the event of damage. 

  • Your business liability insurance must also cover your exhibition stand as well as the risks associated with your stand demonstrations. Please check that!
  • Companies are required by law to prepare a hazard analysis. Please think about stand safety together with your employees and document it thoroughly.

Under the links below you will find the forms for self-disclosure. They should serve as a basis for your considerations on the subject of stand safety and represent a documentation that you previously assessed potential hazards and have thus complied with your legal duty to prevent accidents and damage. This significantly improves your legal position in the event of a claim.
Please fill in the appropriate forms truthfully and conscientiously!

Without hazard analysis there will be no stand approval and no approval for the time of the exhibition!

All exhibitors are kindly requested to submit the completed self-declaration form for safety on the stand.
Exhibitors with a function demonstration must also submit a separate copy of the demo security assessment form for each machine or related machine group. Please take a copy to your files and send a signed copy to DLG-Service GmbH per completed form. Completing the risk assessment forms in advance considerably simplifies the stand acceptance test to be carried out at each exhibitor before the start of the trade fair and shortens the procedure in terms of time. Completing the hazard analysis in advance considerably simplifies the stand approval for each exhibitor before the start of the exhibition. The process is simplified and accelerated.

You will find help in completing the hazard analysis forms in the explanatory notes and in the FAQ.

If you have any problems or questions regarding filling in the forms, we are happy to help.