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Special "forest tree nurseries"

Local forestry management and timber use are effective methods for global climate protection!

Storms, drought, insect damage and new diseases are currently posing a significant threat to our forests and therefore also welfare in Germany: water, air, timber and recreation areas - all of these are interconnected and part of our prosperity.

Due to climate change, forests are more at risk than ever before since the general dieback of German forests!

The German forest tree nurseries (VDF e.V.) are part of forest management, reforestation and the improvement of biodiversity, because they supply young forest tree and shrub plants for each region as per the legal specifications. 2/3 of forest tree nurseries have disappeared over the last 30 years, but their expertise has to be preserved, because the concept is no longer viable without this special knowledge and their help.

A forest's stability is conditional upon its diversity!

The forest tree nurseries are partners to forest owners and can help to make the forest climate-resistant, support forestry and increase diversity. The multifunctional nature of forests can only be maintained through immediate reforestation, by mixing many species of trees and shrubs.

Our association and many of its forest tree nurseries can be found at DLG-Waldtage 2019!