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DLG special "Forestry Soil Cultivation and Path Preparation - Innovative Solutions for Forestry Practice"

Storms and events that cause damage are occurring with increasing frequency in forestry, leading to revenue losses in wood sales. Vast sums have to be invested to rectify the damage, including funds for clearing areas and preparing them for recultivation as well as for repairing paths in affected areas of forests.


Maintenance of the extensively stressed pathway infrastructure is highly important for the optimum movement of wood, particularly during major calamity events. Areas with special local recreation characteristics, highly frequented pathways that can be driven on all year round and are capable of carrying high loads or seasonally used machine routes have to meet diverse requirements.

The value of this special particularly involves:

  • Pro-actively communicating the importance of this topic as part of the Waldtage prior to the exhibition.
  • Conveying technically correct, trendsetting contents to the trade fair visitors with attractive practical demonstrations.

Idea for the Special

State-of-the-art machine technology in the field of mulching and cutting technology offers a wealth of sensible developments and solutions for resource-saving and economical soil cultivation both within and outside of a forest cultivation area.

In the product spectrum of pathway construction and maintenance, broadly diversified, individually adaptable concepts offer solutions for forest owners, contractors and managers of forest and municipal areas.

The aim is to present pioneering sample solutions to clearly show the influencing factors crucial to successful implementation.


  • Area clearance after damage events
  • Route maintenance
  • Culture preparation
  • Path maintenance/path repair


Live demonstrations

Presentation of cutting and mulching equipment offering maximum resource efficiency. Presentation of cutting and mulching equipment of various output classes for different areas of use.

  • Tractor attachment
  • Excavator attachment

Concrete, gravel, stones or asphalt - how do I upgrade my paths according to performance? Presentation of stone cutters and combination devices, examples of optimised resource planning and calculation. Tractor and machine – which combination is the right one? Examples of sensible vehicle combination sizes in the fields of mulching/cutting technology and pathway construction.

The live demonstrations will take place several times a day with professional commentators.

With its innovative solution approaches, the Special will address both forest owners as prospective customers of smart operating technology and forest contractors as potential suppliers of the corresponding services as well as the interested public.

It will provide a good overview of the technologies available today and their possible applications. Ultimately, such information flows into the demand and decisions of professional visitors who are willing to invest.


The Special is a collaborative effort on the part of the involved companies and DLG.