Special "Perfect Plant"

DLG-Special: "PERFECT PLANT: perfect preparation and realisation of planting for optimal cultivation and safe yields“

Planting is one of the key factors in plantation. Whether mixed afforestation with risk-minimizing and ecologically enriching mixtures, the remove of environmental related losses, establishing other species in an existing population, the planting of new forest species in thinning areas, or special cultures, such as those for Christmas trees – always there is required a high level of quality for a successful economic activity.

Considering the high investments for staff and material that are needed to establish an optimal cultivation, the perfect preparation before a planting measure is very important for the forest owner.

This is why the non-competitive DLG Special "PERFECT PLANT" was created as a highlight within DLG-Waldtage 2017. It will be an attractive platform for knowledge transfer and presentation of the core competences of the participants. It is open to all interested companies with appropriate products, offering a great possibility to present themselves as leading in know-how and technology to a specialized audience as well as the public.

Possible Topics

Choosing the right plant material concerning the appropriate source-identified seedlings, in compliance with the intended purpose, quality criteria and control on delivery as well as the appropriate treatment of the plants before planting. 

Innovative planting methods – manual, mechanical and mixed – explained by professionals for professionals, as well as a choice of material and utilities - presented from an economic and ergonomic point of view.

Soil preparation and fertilization, especially in the field of special cultures, such as Christmas tree production.

Effective protection measures up to a secured growth.

The special aims to show trendsetting model solutions throughout the whole process and to point out the most important influencing factors for a successful application.

The following elements may be presented within the Special: 

- Seedling quality assessment and expert treatment (wrapping, root cut, etc.)

- Alternative Container Plants: lower risks, extended planting time, higher success in fixing plants, but higher costs. When does the investment pay off?

- Proven and new manual planting techniques for different varieties of trees and plant sizes: containerized cultivation– manual and mechanical.

- Automatic, environmentally compatible soil preparation and processing in compliance with the current state of resource efficiency.

- New machinery and equipment for creating a new plantation.

- Innovative electronic programs for calculation and work operations.

- Working methods and culture protection measures.


Protection against competing species and browsing by game.

The live demonstrations take place several times per day by mutual agreement with the participating companies.

Specialised forums in the frame of the 12th Forest Symposium of Brilon among others on the topics “Woodland management in an age of climate change – ecological and economical challenges and the increasing shortage of timber” or “Successful production and marketing of Christmas trees” are completing the programme.

The Special is a common project of the participating companies and DLG.

Project partner:

Brilon Forst
Waldbauernverband NRW
Landesbetrieb Wald und Holz NRW

Professional Partner:

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